The OptinLabs Team
People behind the OptinLabs project - Helping marketers drive more optins

OptinLabs was conceptualized over Skype calls and a lot of testing, tweaking from people located in 3 continents. 

Optinlabs is a product of Flying Start Online, Inc. - an online resource for budding entrepreneurs who want to build their online business. Here are the people behind Flying Start Online, all of whom have several years of experience in online marketing and driving sales and optins.

Ritoban Chakrabarti

With a decade of experience in varied roles, young entrepreneur of the year 2010, Ritoban is the programmer, designer, and lead of the OptinLabs project.

David Aston

David is our go-to guy when it comes to content and he recently joined the Flying Start Online team overtaking the editorial aspects of our blog. Years of experience behold!

Nisha Garg

Nisha is that friendly face that greets you when you have any questions. She handles operations, customer support, and keeps you happy when you’re in trouble.
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